7 Common Issues with Heating Units

With the weather getting chillier, the time has come to start using our heating units again. To ensure you are warm and cozy all winter long, it’s a good idea to make sure your heating unit is working properly. If your heating system is not functioning properly it can cause a lot of issues that can not only be costly, but they will leave you in the cold! Here are 7 common problems we see with heating units that haven’t been used all summer long. These issues can be prevented by calling Airborne Texas Air and having your heating unit checked! 

  1. Cycling Heat – Heat cycling is when your heating system is turning on and off quite often. A faulty thermostat is often the culprit. Although other things such as a clogged filter or inadequate air flow can cause heat cycling as well. Heat cycling not only leaves you in a chilly house without a properly working heater, it can also increase your electric bill! To avoid your heater unit constantly cycling, ensure your heating unit is inspected and maintained at least once a year.   
  2. Heater Blowing Out Cold Air – There are a few things to check if your heating unit starts to blow cold air instead of warm air. The first thing to check is that your thermostat is set to your desired temperature and that the heater is on. You will also need to determine if your unit is switched to auto or fan on. When the thermostat is switched to “fan on”, it will blow air without producing any heat. If you tried to troubleshoot your heating unit with these tips and your heating unit is still not blowing out any warm air, then you may have a dirty air filter, your pilot light is out or lack of power to your heating unit. Give us a call at Airborne Texas Air, we will come out and diagnose the problem with your heating unit and help to get your home back to being warm and cozy!
  3. Uneven Airflow and Temperature – This is a problem many homeowners face. Not being able to keep every room in your home warm in the winter can be extremely frustrating. Sometimes this problem is not even related to your heating unit or furnace. The issue may be dirty air filters that need to be cleaned or replaced. You can easily avoid this problem by calling Airborne Texas Air to come out and inspect what is going on with your heating system. We recommend changing out your air filters every month as part of your regular HVAC system maintenance.
  4. Pilot Light – Your gas furnace pilot light not staying lit is another common problem we see in these colder months. When your pilot light is out, your gas furnace will not heat. There are many factors that can cause a pilot light not to light or stay lit here at Airborne Texas Air, we have all of the tools and expertise to fix your gas furnace pilot light issues.
  5. Leakage of Carbon Monoxide – When there is a carbon monoxide leak in a gas furnace this is an issues that must be addressed immediately and properly. Regardless of the age of your furnace, a gas leak can occur. Safety is a priority for us at Airborne Texas Air, so we recommend a regular inspection on your gas furnace, as well as proper maintenance of your gas furnace. Proper maintenance can help to avoid carbon monoxide leaks from happening.
  6. Dry Air – Dry air can be uncomfortable, especially if you have sensitive or dry skin. Dry air holds less heat, so it may take more to keep your home warm. There are a few practices you can implement in your home during the winter months to help combat dry air. Our go to tip is using a humidifier! This will add moisture back into the air and aid with breathing as well as dry cracked skin. Don’t crank your humidifier up to high tho! Aim for a comfortable home humidity level of between 30% and 50%.
  7. Heat Pump Not Working Properly – This is the least common problem but your heat pump can malfunction. A few things that can cause this problem are coil blockage and broken fan motors. At Airborne Texas Air, we have all of the knowledge and expertise to get your heating unit up and running in no time!

Our experts at Airborne Texas Air can fix all your heating unit and gas furnace issues to ensure you stay warm and comfortable all winter long. We integrate air quality control systems into your existing HVAC systems for cleaner air at the proper humidity levels. Our certified and professional technicians are there for you 24/7 no matter the problem. Contact us today to talk to a professional about your indoor air quality!