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Comprehensive In-Room PTAC Cleaning

1. Testing

units are tested before and after cleaning. We cover the control board area to protect the unit.

2. Complete Coil Cleaning 

Coils are cleaned with 180-200 degree F water and we also use environmentally safe, non-acidic cleaner.

3. Condensate Pan

We thoroughly remove dirt and organic mater from the condensate pan and other critical areas.

4. Drain Line

We flush out your drain line with pressurized water to prevent clogging and overflow.

5. Disinfection

We use hospital-grade disinfectant in conjunction with 180-200 degree F water.

6. Filters

We clean and sanitize the filters to maximize airflow and prevent re-contamination.

7. Sleeve

Dirt and debris are removed from the PTAC sleeve.

Add-On Options

Recommended for properties located in high humidity areas, contain smoking rooms, malodors, and other air quality issues.

  • 1. We vacuum the PTAC cover and remove any accumulated lint.
  • 2. We treat the entire area with Simple Green d Pro3, which contains a high level of active ingredients against serious public health concerns including E-coli, HIV-1, Influenza, MRSA, Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Athlete's Foot Fungus, and more.
  • 3. We insert an EPA registered, non-chlorinated condensate pan strip for time release control of mold, algae, and other microorganisms between cleanings.

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Airborne Texas Air was super professional and helped us find an AC leak that had already slipped by two technicians. I'm definitely impressed with how thorough and detail oriented they are. I highly recommend them for anyone having AC or Heating issues and need a fast and reliable solution.
Jason Nichols
Jason Nichols
04:36 19 Dec 18
Super quick response and arrived promptly when they said they would. The guys were professional, tidy and explained everything as they went. I am very satisfied with the service and will contact them again if I ever have need of more AC work.
Angela Hinojosa
Angela Hinojosa
23:33 10 Oct 18
Professional, fast service. They go above and beyond expectations. Airborne Texas Air should definitely be your first choice when it comes to your Heating and Air Conditioning needs. Their follow up after service is refreshing and makes us as a customer feel important. Thank you Eric for your service and way to represent our U.S. Veteran owned businesses.
Ken Davis
Ken Davis
16:57 07 Sep 18
Airborne Texas (& Eric the owner) have been nothing but perfect for us. With quick response times and reasonable prices, I know who I will call in the future.
David Leos
David Leos
18:27 10 Dec 18
I would recommend airborne. They were prompt to getting to my house and very professional. They replaced my coils and duct under my house. And they are very reasonable on there prices! Highly recommend!
Lori Kemp
Lori Kemp
19:14 22 Aug 18


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