Indoor Air Quality

With the spring fast approaching in East Taxes, there are a lot of illness and allergies that are very common with the season.  Making your indoor air quality one of the most important household items we need to take care of in our home. You may come across a sign that reads ‘pollen season ahead’ in East Texas. This will help to remind you that it is time to check you HVAC system for the best air quality in your Tyler/Texas home. Indoor air quality has been linked with sick building syndrome and due to this, we are going to discuss some causes and solutions to poor indoor air quality.

Causes of poor indoor air quality

You need to be aware of the things that can affect the air quality in your East Taxes living space before you can be able to effectively handle the repairs and care. Here are the most common causes

  1. Gases – any type of gas can induce poor air quality in your Tyler home and they may include carbon monoxide, organic compounds, smoke- either from cigarettes or from your wood burning fireplace etc.
  2. Particulate matter in the air –  like molds, microbes, dust, pollen, etc.

So, to make things better during this years pollen season, here are some solutions you for you home in Tyler or around East Taxes.

  1. Have a Certified AC Technician Check your HVAC – HVAC will always require the services of a certified AC Technician in Texas to check the system out. These technicians are specially trained to be able to access and take care of all the problems your system may have.
  2. Using an upgraded air filter – upgrading filters in your HVAC unit helps to have and maintain a cleaner, healthier air flow system in your Texas home, which is better for family members with respiratory issues. Clean air does not contain any form of air pollutants that will worsen the conditions of sensitive family members.
  3. Changing the air filter more regularly – there are various types of filters and they all need to be maintained for optimal functionality and safety. A clogged filter will not only reduce the indoor air quality, but also it will not allow air to flow freely in the home, therefore preventing cross ventilation. This can make your home feel stuffy and hot. It is advised that you change your air filter once every 3 months. There are even specific air filters that can remove these pollens and molds from the air.
  4. Turn up your unit – whenever you are not home, always remember to turn up your unit. This way it does not have to keep working. And it will also prolong the time required before you will need the filters serviced or changed.
  5. Cleaning rugs, curtains and carpets – these home decor materials are known to hold a lot of dust and pollen that may cause allergies to flare up. By keeping rugs and carpets cleaned this will help with airborne particles and allergens. 

Causes of poor indoor air quality

Indoor air quality can only be maintained by a clean HVAC unit, a dirty HVAC unit can result in:

  1. Sticky dust builds up on the blower fans.
  2. Reduce airflow and can lead to contamination by mold.
  3. Moving parts become clogged and will surely need more power to function well.
  4. Filters will no longer be able to hold on to the particles and these particles will be blown in when you turn down the unit.

Your homes indoor air quality in Texas can easily be maintained when you have the right knowledge and service provider like to take care of it.